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By Josh Marais

Print Digital Media has expanded its growing team by hiring a new apprentice after working with local skills and careers company, GBS Apprenticeships.

Jasmine Mowbray has been with Print Digital Media for just over a month and has already been involved in a number of marketing projects within the company.

Jasmine explained how her first month working with the company has already given her a range of new skills and experiences: “I had a fantastic time during my first month at Print Digital Media. Working for a small company allowed me to meet everyone involved in the company very quickly and all of my colleagues are supportive and always happy to help me, if I ever need advice.

“It all happens in one building, so I got to see the full cycle of the service we provide, from design to proofing and printing. who helped me a lot in my projects.

“Since I started my role, I have worked on a range of different marketing projects. I always do something different every day, which means it never gets repetitive, and that also means I am able to test and improve my abilities, which translates into a broader set of skills.

“I wish I had chosen this path earlier! It’s a very dynamic way to learn as you gain valuable industry experience while earning a degree. If you are someone looking to expand your knowledge but find it difficult to learn in the classroom and spend long hours studying, an apprenticeship would be a better option for you!

Richard Musgrove, Managing Director of Print Digital Media, commented on the magnitude of the benefits Jasmine has already brought to the business: “It’s been a really tough two years for many businesses, especially the hospitality industry, but projects that have been on hold are now coming. by. The investments we made last summer in new printing presses have increased our capacity, significantly speeding up our turnaround times, which has improved our service offering and allowed us to undertake additional work.

“Young people are often criticized which is often unfair in my experience as the majority just need a platform to learn, develop and grow. At PDM, we take great pride in supporting the younger generation just starting out, whether it’s work experience or apprenticeship programs and if we can provide development opportunities, to help them personally or professionally, that puts them on the right track, then brilliant. We might just mentor the next Ben Francis.

Richard also praises GBS for enabling his company to find the right person for their business: “The whole team at GBS was very supportive and the process was incredibly easy. GBS took a detailed briefing of our requirements and really tried to understand our culture and how we work to find the best fit, ensuring candidates fit in as well.

“What really struck me was how caring and caring GBS was towards the applicants, as it’s a daunting experience to get out of sixth form or college in an interview process, but they were great.

Coral Guard, Marketing Manager at GBS Apprenticeships, said: “Everything we do is in the interest of both the learner and the employer. We want our employers to bring bright young minds into the business and give them the opportunity to thrive. Apprentices can learn brand new skills, while a company can help fill skills gaps and further strengthen their business. Watching businesses grow and develop further by employing an apprentice is why we do what we do.

“We are always there to help a business get started by employing an apprentice. Just pick up the phone or send us an email and we can discuss your business needs. We help you by assessing what type of learning will benefit the company, managing all the advertising and recruitment process. Hiring an apprentice has many benefits, including:

  • Bridging the skills gap, especially in the area of ​​technology, as this helps move a business forward.
  • Have a fresh look. Apprentices may not have work experience, but they can offer a new perspective and new ideas that can help a business grow. Young people generally have strong technology skills and they can use this knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.
  • The cost of an apprenticeship is amortized. Within a few years, or even sooner, apprentices can improve a company’s bottom line by improving efficiency and increasing productivity.
  • It’s a cost-effective way to train staff or hire new employees.
  • GBS is here to support you and your apprentice from start to finish. We want the apprentice and the employer to work together to help each other develop their skills and their business.

“Overall, apprenticeships are a great way to provide young people with life-changing opportunities and a cost-effective way for local businesses to grow their workforce and fill those skills gaps.”

To find out more about apprenticeship opportunities at Chesterfield, visit:

Print Digital Media and GBS Apprenticeships support the town’s marketing and economic growth through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 200 organizations in Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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