Rapidly Growing Digital Media Startup Brut Brings Cannes Film Festival to Fortnite and Expands Creator Economy Platform (EXCLUSIVE)

Brut, the rising digital media startup whose backers include James Murdoch and Francois-Henri Pinault, is set to bring the Cannes Film Festival into Epic Games’ Fortnite, as well as expand its global presence and platform. creative economy.

Operation Fortnite is one of several initiatives aimed at biasing young adults carried out by Brut as part of its new media partnership with the Cannes Film Festival.

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Brut also plans to host a House of Creators in Cannes and will bring together around a hundred creators from around the world on the Croisette where they will meet renowned filmmakers, actors and agents in small groups.

Guillaume Lacroix, who co-founded Brut with veteran producer Renaud le Van Kim in 2016, said the idea behind the House of Creators was to “bridge the gap between the film and digital industries and empower these talented young creators to grow and evolve”. long-term.”

“Creators [on social media] have often been pitted against traditional content creators, but the truth is that if filmmakers who are now in their 40s and 50s had had smartphones like the ones we have today in their early days, they would all have jumped on the opportunity to create content instead of using old VHS tapes,” said Lacroix.

Brut also develops blockchain tools to put creators in direct contact with their fans and allow them to maximize their income. Lacroix said “there are 50 million creators and there is no tech stack for the creator economy,” so Brut is well positioned to fill that gap with its technology and massive reach.

“We are looking to leverage our monthly reach of half a billion unique viewers and our profile as a trusted platform to become a key outlet for commerce in creator content,” said the executive who previously led the Black Dynamite company which was acquired by Mediawan, and co-founded Studio Bagel, one of the main producers and creators of YouTube channels, which was acquired by Canal Plus.

Alongside its new BrutX subscription service, the banner has also launched a Brut Live allowing creators to shoot videos that can be converted into a podcast by Brut. These features will be bundled into a single platform accessible to creators looking to scale their content.

Lacroix said Brut has a different strategy than other apps when it comes to live. “We want Brut Live to be a place where people can have quality conversations of a manageable size, because I think having a million conversations with 10 people is better than having 10 conversations with a million people,” Lacroix said.

In keeping with his DNA, Brut has focused on issues of cultural and social impact, which has led him to partner with politically engaged stars such as Kerry Washington who has used Brut to help voters make their way at the polls in the state of Georgia, or the foundation of Leonardo DiCaprio. . Brut also secured exclusive interviews with French President Emmanuel Macron and Apple Chairman Tim Cook, among other high-profile figures.

Brut is currently a global media brand with young adults. In France, it affects 100% of 15-34 year olds who watch Brut at least once a month. It has also increased significantly in the United States and India, where it reaches over 40% and 80% of Gen Z and Millennials, respectively. The company is now looking to accelerate its presence in South America and India. Africa.

The company raised $75 million from James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems, Francois-Henri Pinault’s Artemis, Orange Ventures and Tikehau Capital last year.

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