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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 3, 2022 / — According Ronn Torossian, the middle stages of a marketing funnel focus on nurturing the generated leads and moving them through the marketing funnel so they can make a purchase decision. This means businesses need to focus on filtering out leads that aren’t suitable for the business. At this point in the funnel, businesses need to create personalized content that will keep potential customers coming back for more. This includes offering free trials, providing email marketing campaigns, retargeting ads, and lead magnets that will both attract customers and nurture leads through the funnel stages.

Frequently Asked Questions
According to Torossian, during the middle stages of a marketing funnel, frequently asked questions are key. These types of questions can answer specific hesitations or concerns of potential customers and are also a great way for businesses to target specific keywords that potential customers use in their search queries. Apart from the keywords they use in search queries, businesses can also research questions that potential customers ask on forums or social media platforms. Once a business has created a list of questions from their customers, it’s time to start creating list-related questions that potential customers might ask during this stage of the marketing funnel. From there, businesses can either create a standalone FAQ page on their website or create infographics, blog posts, and videos that will answer those questions.

One of the ways businesses can find potential customers who haven’t contacted the business yet is through retargeting marketing strategies. It is a marketing technique that shows a business’s ad to potential customers who have already interacted with the business in some way. This can be either following the brand on social media platforms or visiting its website. To use the strategy businesses need to install a pixel from an advertising platform on their business website that will track website visitors as they move online. This way, businesses can create more targeted advertisements that will follow potential customers around the internet as they surf the web.

Case studies
Case studies are among the five most popular types of content marketing efforts businesses use during the middle stages of a marketing funnel because they’re so effective. Research is used to nurture potential customers with real-life examples of how the company’s products or services help consumers solve their problems or achieve their goals. They are used to establish more credibility and trust with potential customers, which is crucial when converting those customers. Moreover, companies can also use case studies in their digital advertising campaigns to increase their conversion rates even further.

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