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Get better visibility on Google

We are looking to define the digital communication strategy Efficient, stable and compatible Predict the outcome of a sophisticated and potential service in 2021 Scalable KPIs And an Step by step implementation table.


Automatically detect customers

Thank you for our expertise on SEO and SEO, CLEATIS supports youGlobal optimization From your communication media on the Internet: You are ready to collect Opportunities via search engines.


Convert more spectators to tracks

The search for target words is one of the essential steps of SEO: Thanks to our experts you will carry out marketing actions No more goal Etc more profits Than a traditional communication activity.

Can you consider concluding the contract with you?

With this question, you express a legitimate fear about the interest of an SEO service. In all cases, the visibility of a site will change if the service is performed according to the rules of the art. However, SEO work takes place in a constantly changing environment. Google changes the rules of the game without notice. SEO, the modification is up to us, without the slightest detail from Google. At the same time, your competitors will act differently in their SEO.

How long does it take for my site to be on Google?

Officially, Google does not specify any temporal information for the indexing of a website. This time can vary from a few minutes to several weeks.
It also adds: the age of the site, its popularity (number of backlinks), the frequency of visits by Google robots, the site’s link structure, the quality of the content. A news site or a government site will mark up its pages in a few minutes. The most common site will mark its pages in 2 to 7 days. To speed up this consideration time, it is better to regularly publish new texts in the first weeks and post everything on social networks.

How Long Does It Take To See SEO Results?

SEO is not a speed bet, but a long distance bet.

You have to be patient as we are trying to use your site.
After setting up the tech updates, it usually takes 2-3 months to get the results that make up the first visit. In areas with little competition and / or very declining keywords (long tail), things can go very quickly. Otherwise, having a good rhythm of releases and getting backlinks allows you to generate results quickly.

How do I know if my site is good for SEO?

To benefit from the first evaluation of your position on Google, go to your web browser, switch to personal mode, and enter the keyword (s) you are targeting. If your site is not showing up on the first end pages (SERP), you need SEO optimization work.

How do you get a site to top Google?

Go to Google and enter the following search: Site:
If no results appear, your site has not yet been taken into account by Google (mainly for technical reasons).
Google takes into account more than 200 criteria. These can be classified into 3 levers that can be implemented to benefit from a good natural benchmark:
Technical factor: good SEO markup, active link mesh, valid robots.txt
Editorial factor: quality content, well optimized, constantly updated
Popular factor such as connection size, social signals.
Can you show me examples of achievements?
We have clients in all areas of operations, very small businesses and SMEs. For confidentiality reasons, we will only show our notes by appointment.

Explain to me your “Acquisition and Change” positioning!

It’s about getting new clients on behalf of your business by acting as a digital agency working on all aspects of digital marketing:
– Site optimization for machines and internet users
– Personalized Google match aimed at first place
– Definition of the list of words that must work
– Improvement of meta and HN tags, lifting of the brakes in the robot column (crawl and log analysis)
– Incentive to click on commercially written meta description tags
– Updating and content creation
– The content has been improved as an alternative funnel that guides the Internet user to carry out an action (newsletter subscription, purchase, etc.) while improving compliance with Google’s algorithm.
– Optimization to reduce the bounce rate (exit rate)
– Improved loading time
– Ergonomics (UX) consulting
– Improvement of the content for the Internet user: The first thought is fixed after 8 seconds on a site
– Optimization of the exchange rate.

What SEO tools do you use in CLEATIS?

We use two tools dedicated to project management, others for networking, others for enriching the internal network, others for editorials, and finally others for job monitoring.
For example, SEM RUSH, SE RANKING and other well known SEO sites.
All these tools are almost free and you benefit from the gentle contribution of these tools as part of our services.

What dashboards for SEO? Which indicators to monitor?

Each CLEATIS customer receives a weekly inventory of the keywords used in SEO. In addition, each CLEATIS consultant draws up frequent reports on the progress of the actions taken so that you can follow the progress of your referencing in complete transparency.

Why is it important to get the best place on Google?

– 70% of clicks on Google are in the top 4 results?
– Of these 4 results, the first result will always be clicked
Except in certain contexts: Google Maps, Google Actuwilds, Google Images Results: the view of the Internet user is redirected.
Your company is located in the Lyon region or elsewhere in France. We will work together to take advantage of this opportunity to gain new visits and new customers.

What is SEO audit?

It is good to think about the visibility strategy and analyze the site (s) in question before continuing with the process.
Thus, an SEO audit makes it possible to know the SEO status of each site, that is to say to ensure the good readability of the site by search engine robots, as well as the presence of content relevant to its theme. , but also to know if the site is a Netlinking advantage.
After you have collected and kept doing a lot of interesting articles on this topic, you get a section on SEO links and tracking.
Are you looking for specific SEO software or do you want a ready-to-use or all-in-one tool? A software component can help you see more clearly in PC software solutions or in SaaS mode.
You might have an SEO problem to solve. You are looking for ideas for solutions, ways to think about your problem and a suitable solution. Is your site badly positioned on Google? A technical problem with your pages? Your site has links, do you want to fix it? You have an SEO checklist.
How to get a good SEO specification? How to go about it, without forgetting anything, how to structure it well, how to make it readable and coherent?
How to find SEO? You need visibility, but who do you trust? Is it better to go through a specialized company, an independent or a consultant? What are their differences ? What are the risks of each option? What are their prices? What about training? How to improve your skills?

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