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This morning, world-renowned esports company Gfinity announced that SiegeGG will be part of its growing network of esports and gaming sites known as “Gfinity Digital Media”.

Gfinity is a London based esports company founded in 2012. It is traditionally known as a tournament organizer, having hosted events in games like F1 Esports, “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, “Starcraft”, “FIFA” , “Hearthstone”, and others. In May 2020, Gfinity launched Gfinity Digital Media, with the aim of expanding its business into new spheres.

An excerpt from Gfinity’s announcement reads:

Gfinity, a leading global provider of esports and gaming solutions, today announces the acquisition of the business and assets of SiegeGG Corporation, which operates, a leading statistics website, analysis and news around the Rainbow Six Siege video game. SiegeGG, with immediate effect, will be part of the growing Gfinity Digital Media group.


SiegeGG is a leading authority for the Rainbow Six Siege competitive gaming community, with customers for its statistical information including esports tournament operators and Ubisoft itself.

The acquisition gives Gfinity ownership of the underlying methodology and technology used to develop SiegeGG’s state-of-the-art statistical analysis, which the company may extend to other game titles. Gfinity will also assume ownership of the website, with access to its highly engaged audience, currently generating one million pageviews per month, alongside nearly 100,000 Twitter followers.

SiegeGG will benefit from Gfinity’s content and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and advertising performance optimization techniques, which will help drive user growth and ad spend. Gfinity will also help expand the breadth of coverage that SiegeGG offers, allowing the site to offer more rewarding content outside of esports for Rainbow Six fans.

What this means for SiegeGG

Day-to-day operations on SiegeGG will not be affected, as a large part of our team will remain in place. You will still be able to keep up with any competitive Rainbow Six that you are looking for here.

Several of the former owners of SiegeGG will now be full-time employees of Gfinity, and a new employee will join the team.

Spencer glenn will retain his role as Product Owner at SiegeGG, overseeing general operations and working closely with the statistics team to track and publish data from numerous R6 esports competitions around the world.

Kev will remain the primary developer, continuing to improve the site and our technical efforts. This includes the development of the website, CMS, CDN, as well as a number of data processing and analysis tools.

Hunter Cooke will join the SiegeGG team as Head of News. He made a name for himself working in outlets like Dot Esports as the first reporter for the R6 scene, and we are very happy to be able to make him part of our team. He is already leading our reporting operation from the Major de Mexico and has already raised the quality of our coverage.

Shikhar gupta will become our media leader. In addition to his existing functions covering the APAC region with which he is most familiar, he will take over the management of our photo and video efforts.

Haydar ali will be our stats editor, leveraging his encyclopedic knowledge of Rainbow Six’s competitive landscape to better inform our news coverage. In addition to that, he will keep an eye on many of our partner leagues around the world.

In addition to this core of full-time staff, we will continue to work with a number of freelancers and entrepreneurs and look forward to continuing and expanding these relationships.

The additional resources that SiegeGG has access to under Gfinity will allow expansion that would not have been possible otherwise.

Stay tuned for more updates on the future of SiegeGG and be sure to follow us for our Stage 3 2021 coverage!

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