Smart marketing with NFT technology

This PSFK guide explores how tokenization will drive the future of brand-consumer interactions.


Over the past year, NFTs have evolved from a loosely understood facet of cryptocurrency to a standalone technology concept that brands continue to explore for the ability of these tokens to increase innovation, scale customer experiences, to facilitate new ideas and to reinvent the way we buy and sell. goods and services. Due to the ability to track usage and apply intelligent processes that respond to their ownership and usage, NFTs have grown dramatically in popularity as brands around the world experiment with token technology every day.

Presentation of the report

In this Marketing Innovation Report, PSFK researchers explore how brands and retailers can leverage NFT technology, tokens and ledgers for customer engagement and innovation in advertising and marketing. The analysis will be presented in three stages of maturity regarding the use of NFTs to deliver the marketing and advertising solutions of tomorrow:

  • Part 1 dives into strategies for NOW where NFTs are currently being explored as valuable tokens
  • Part 2 examines NEXT and the immediate future use of NFTs as an access token
  • Part 3 considers the NEW and more distant future for NFTs as platforms for new ideas

Ultimately, readers should understand how NFT-related technology and strategies will power the future of any brand’s advertising, marketing, and engagement.

What you will learn in this report

  • How Cryptocurrency is Adopted by Brands and Retailers
  • Why NFTs Represent Digital Identities Beyond the Digital Wallet
  • The way NFTs are used as collectibles provides proof of fandom
  • Why Ledger Technology Makes Brand Authenticity and Corporate Transparency “Table Stakes”
  • How NFTs are used for exclusivity for owners and mega-fans
  • Why Loyalty Programs Will Get an Upgrade Using Tokens
  • Why co-create the future of a creator economy
  • How NFTs can be used as an effective means of fundraising
  • Why token technology will ultimately lead to improved creator control and fairness

What’s in this report?

In this NFT technology report, researchers at PSFK iQ outline the ways retailers and brands can leverage NFTs as a gateway to deeper consumer experiences.

This report provides:

  • 9 Strategies to Deliver a Deeper and Better Customer Experience with NFT Technology
  • 27 best examples of how brands and retailers are using NFT technology to align with their consumers’ wants and expectations
  • Case studies of Tom Brady, Coinbase, Difference, Snoop Dogg, Lamborghini and more.
  • Market statistics and consumer insights on changing consumer mindset behaviors and expectations around NFT experiences

During the research for this article, original interviews were conducted with the following pioneers and their opinions can be found in this report:

Who prepared this report?

This report was produced by the same research department at PSFK which, since 2004, has been providing trend-driven innovation advice to Apple, BMW, Facebook/Meta, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and volkswagen

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