SmartSites launches new marketing services: CRO and email marketing

United States, New Jersey, Paramus – 05-03-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

SmartSites, one of the leading digital marketing companies, recently launched a new service offering: conversion rate optimization (CRO) through email marketing. After testing the services in beta in 2021 and meeting considerable success, the service was launched in early 2022.

Smart sites (, a New Jersey-based online marketing agency, recently launched CRO and email marketing to complement its existing suite of services. Before that, the agency already offered services in creation of websites, CPC and SEO with high customer satisfaction and actionable results from every marketing campaign.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the practice of improving a website or marketing strategy to increase the number of leads generated. However, there can be different end goals within this goal depending on each individual brand, whether the focus is on turning those leads into paying customers, encouraging repeat purchases, or simply building brand awareness. Firstly.

Applying CRO to email marketing is a logical approach because it maintains a direct line of communication with customers. This way, brands are in a better position to personalize content based on customer behavior and preferences, perform A/B marketing segmentation as well as implement automated feeds for a seamless experience. Apart from email, SmartSites also assists clients with SMS marketing and communicating with customers through other popular messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger.

To kick things off, SmartSites started offering CRO Services to a small group of selected clients in 2021. The results have been stunning, with a number of case studies becoming available shortly. One client showed a 10.46x increase in return on CRO spend, resulting in a $250,200 increase in sales. Yet another saw a 360% increase in leads and a 480% increase in conversion rates. With an expected 900% ROI on CRO services, SmartSites was confident that launching this new service offering in 2022 is a step in the right direction.

According to Mike Melen, CEO and co-founder of SmartSites, “We always strive to provide value-added services to our customers. When a client comes to us for a service, say web design, we always encourage them to incorporate our other offerings into their marketing strategy. This is because all aspects – SEO, PPC, CRO and web design – work hand in hand when it comes to helping businesses achieve their goal. And in marketing, there is no end goal because the market is constantly changing and businesses with it, or vice versa.

About Smart Sites

Since its inception, SmartSites has successfully served a diverse customer base in various industries. The team specializes in all aspects of digital marketing and can formulate a strategy that best meets the unique needs of each business and industry, no matter where they are currently in their online marketing journey. If you are looking to work with someone you trust email marketing agency to implement an effective CRO strategy, please contact SmartSites at (201) 870-6000.

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