Southern Films Expand Their Marketing Into Heartland Hindi

As dubbed versions of southern films gain traction across the country, producers and studios are actively upping their game for the Hindi language belt. They target popular Hindi TV shows like Bigg Boss and The Kapil Sharma Show for movies like RRR, Vikram and Ponniyin Selvan-1, and collaborate with better-known influencers in North India for content on YouTube and Instagram. Radio and outdoor advertising are also common tactics. While their home markets in the south remain key for these films, followed by some major overseas markets like the Middle East, the Hindi belt also emerges as a priority.

“Given the growing popularity in the heart of Hindi, new box office releases from southern studios plan to significantly increase their marketing budgets to broaden their reach. As long as Hindi audiences’ thirst for entertaining films is satisfied, we will certainly see increased concentration in the Hindi market in the coming months,” said Mitesh Kothari, co-founder and chief creative officer of digital agency White RiversMedia. The trend stems from the fact that southern language films have made their mark in the Hindi market in recent years with titles like Baahubali 2: The Conclusion and KGF: Chapter 2 joining the list of top-grossing Hindi films, a Kothari added. .

Southern films that see dubbed releases across India now, by default, watch press interactions and multi-city tours starting in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Bangalore and continuing to Mumbai and Delhi , said Shahir Muneer, founder and director of Divo, a Chennai-based music and media company working on marketing campaigns for several of these projects. “This, however, only provides visibility of the film to audiences who consciously follow entertainment news. Many producers are now aggressively promoting the trailer through advertisements on platforms such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, because young movie audiences are mostly in the digital medium,” Muneer said. Many movies are now collaborating with content and meme creators. It’s popular among Gen Z moviegoers. Although all movies South are not investing on such a scale, those expecting to get attention in the Hindi market are definitely increasing marketing budgets, Muneer said.

For a film made for Rs. 100 crore, the producers would spend additional Rs. 20-25 crore on marketing, say entertainment industry experts. “Marketing plays an important role in the success or failure of a film. To get audiences to watch a movie, an off-the-shelf marketing technique must be used,” said Ashitosh Wadkar, Producer – 4Dots Production, the content production vertical of digital marketing agency Optiminastic Media. Wadkar named the strategy RRR to collaborate with multiplex chain PVR Cinemas to launch NFTs and for the cinema chain to be branded as PVRRR for a few months, like the one that caught the public’s attention. The other big strategy for appearing on reality shows is driven by their high ratings and the fact that they are often hosted by popular celebrities known in all geographies, he added.

While the southern film’s marketing campaigns have yet to reach smaller towns and the interior of the Hindi-speaking belt, it is impossible to ignore the northern Indian market, said Pratik Gupta, co-founder of Zoo Media and Pollen, an influencer marketing agency. . “There is no fixed formula, but we will definitely see more money (pushed into campaigns) over time. brought to the fore,” added Gupta.

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