Target Marketing Agency wins UK Social Media Awards 2022

A CORNWALL-based digital agency has won multiple awards at a national social media awards show.

Performance marketing agency, Target, won ‘Best Small Agency’ and ‘Best Long-Term Strategic Use of Social Media’ awards at the UK Social Media Awards, as well as a coveted agency award where Target won won the “Best Social Media Campaign” category.

After last year’s win at the UK Search Awards, the agency continued its winning streak by winning gold at the UK Social Media & The Agency Awards for its 12-month integrated strategy and paid social campaign with the brand. FMCG, Elbow Grease.

Speaking about the agency’s nominated approach to paid social media, Beth Craythorne, Head of Social Media for Target, said: “After extensive research and social listening, we found that Elbow Grease has always done marketing to a large female audience on social media.

“In order to generate new revenue, we had to change that and make cleaning accessible to as many people as possible.

“As part of this new strategy, we have partnered Elbow Grease with amazing LGBTQ+ influencers and male creators to start working towards this goal.

“We also wanted the Elbow Grease proposition to resonate with the owners of tomorrow and I’m proud to say that the social and creative teams, led by Ellie [Spiers]have helped achieve this by creating a highly engaged community on TikTok.”

Target was also crowned “Best Small Agency” at the UK Social Media Awards. The comments from the jury regarding the West Cornwall agency were incredibly positive: “This agency is incredibly ambitious and we really liked the strategic approach they used in setting a clear path for the growth of the business with goals in the short, medium and long term.

“We’re confident Target will deliver great results and a fast pace.”

Commenting on the agency’s recent success, Josh Fletcher, Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Target, said, “Target has experienced a period of significant growth, with revenue up 120% last year and the company is currently 28% ahead of its forecast for 2022/23.

“This growth is supported solely by the PPC, SEO and Paid Social results the agency delivers to its clients every day.

“The awards are a testament to the hard work, tenacity and skill of the team.”

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