The Brilliant Idea of ​​a Firefly to Help Dealers Become Video Marketing Experts

Custom integrators are busier than ever. They work to complete projects still on hold with equipment on hold through the supply chain in addition to each new job that comes in. Not to mention that many dealerships — some who already “wear multiple hats” for the company — are also filling technician shortages.

Unless you have a dedicated sales and marketing team, chances are the idea of ​​being a content creator/producer/editor and social media maven is probably very low rungs on your hat rack.

However, according to research by the industry marketing agency Custom a fireflyEngaging video content is something nine in 10 (90%) integrators would love to showcase and add to their sales and marketing arsenal.

But indeed, One Firefly in that same study of over 90 industry peers earlier this year found that more than three-quarters of resellers (76%) have decided not to go ahead with video production. because they “lack the time or knowledge to produce professional videos”. watch videos.

Most integrators simply don’t have the time to invest in this strategy, even though they have access to some of the most mind-blowing home tech projects they could pitch to attract leads.

Well, One Firefly wants to take the burden off the integrator and deliver the same kind of success stories that have been generated in other marketing efforts over the years. The company launched its turnkey content creation service, Video pioneerin August.

Enjoy pioneering video storytelling on social media

Let’s face it, video is where marketing is heading with the ability to capture all kinds of audiences. When you consider the Venn diagram of platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., the common thread in the middle is video content.

One Firefly audited the websites of over 160 residential, commercial, and high-level security integrator participants and found that only 20% had a video presence.

“Part of what makes video such a valuable asset is that it can be leveraged across multiple platforms – from websites and social media ads to email, blogs and beyond. endless opportunities to harness its power of storytelling,” says Kendall Clark, Director of Digital Media at One Firefly.

A video shoot can be repackaged and reused in many ways. Think of the power of a customer testimonial, or a room-by-room guided tour highlighting technological subsystems, perhaps a themed or star-studded home theater in action, or an up-close look at your meticulous works of rack and cabling, as well as your team members themselves. Sound clips and other snippets can be cut to serve many purposes.

I spoke with several integrators who invested time, money and energy into the video, and they shared Clark’s sentiments. There are few reasons not to engage in video creation at this stage in certain facets. But of course, this is far from the case, even among the most successful integrators; Last year for Total Tech SummitOne Firefly audited the websites of over 160 residential, commercial, and high-level security integrator participants and found that only 20% had a video presence.

Meanwhile, looking beyond One Firefly’s own market research, Clark cites research that reports that 72% of customers would prefer to learn more about a product or service through a video, and 84% say having been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video of the brand.

Clark notes that One Firefly brings a lot of experience producing industry-focused videos, including custom production for companies such as Savant and Bravas. The subscription price for Video Pioneer is $914 to $2,742 per month depending on the plan.

For this, integrators benefit from turnkey options to create professional and personalized video content in which One Firefly “also fully manages every step of the process”, explains Clark. “We provide creative direction, day-of-shoot support and post-production management to ensure a seamless production process.”

This covers aspects such as pre-production logistics, including planning the shoot, conducting a virtual tour of the location, developing a shot list, editing and proofreading/ color grading to improve footage and optimizing files for web playback.

Sounds like a brilliant idea from One Firefly, and I’m surprised it didn’t come sooner. I don’t expect to see a video content tipping point by next year’s Total Tech Summit… but at least now dealers can test the video waters without wearing their Steven Spielberg hats.

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