The young prodigy turns a single version into a successful app development company at the age of 25

Chicago, Illinois, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Malik Kurdi of Chicago, Illinois, started his business Exemplary marketing straight out of high school in 2015. His love for problem solving has made him a natural coding prodigy. Thus, he was able to bypass the traditional university and go straight into business.

Malik started Exemplary Marketing from the ground up. He started by creating an app for a single client – and now, at the age of 25, Malik has already completed 145 builds and runs a successful business with over 100 employees located across the United States.

What is Exemplary Marketing?

Exemplary marketing is where people go to realize their visions. Malik’s huge team of developers and designers enables the company to offer a full range of services including application development and design.

In the applications area, they do everything from robust web application development, mobile application development, and automation and machine learning development. They’ve developed apps for businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small, family-run shops, and they’ve put some really cool stuff on there.

When a client comes to the team with an idea in mind, they work with the client to gain a complete understanding of their vision and the purpose the application is going to serve. After that, they map out the workflow and present it to the client to make sure everyone is on the same page.

The team then uses lateral thinking to build all the elements of the app. For example, if a client asks them to develop an application that tracks deliveries and their efficiency. The team will break down all possible solutions to the problem to arrive at the best answer.

Once the answer is found, they get to work building the app and sometimes go through multiple interactions to achieve the best end product. Once the app is complete, Exemplary Marketing will help launch and market.

Overall, the company offers a comprehensive end-to-end application development service. So what makes them the best? Customers come back and recommend others do business with them.

What sets exemplary marketing apart from the rest?

It is the electrical energy of Malik and his team. The team is young, no one is over 35 years old. Their youth gives them the advantage of producing the things people want. “What sets us apart is that we are young, we are a young team, we are energetic. And we know what people like, we know what people want. In our design, we are very good at bringing your idea to fruition,” Malik said.

So, if you or your business are looking for a dynamic company to develop applications or any of the other services they offer, contact Exemplary marketing for a free consultation by phone or text today (312) 858-6578.

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