Top Holiday Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business in 2022

Every email marketer these days would be busy with the idea of ​​having successful holiday campaigns. They try everything in their power to find assets and attract as many customers as possible.

Naturally, email marketers invest a lot of time and energy into crafting great holiday emails. U.S. retail e-commerce sales are forecast to grow 15.5% to $236 billion. Isn’t that huge?

However, with the intense competition in the subscriber’s inbox, it can be quite difficult to stand out and drive conversions, especially during the holidays.

Here are some handy tips that will help you cut through the noise and achieve your messaging goals during the busy holiday season.

We have divided the pointers into three sections to make it easier to understand.

1. Content

Let’s start with the type of content you should send in holiday emails.

  • Subject lines come first. Your subject line should reflect the holiday mood and the purpose of the email. Try to pique the subscriber’s curiosity and get them to open your email. Also, incorporate a sense of urgency into holiday subject lines so users open the email and take action instantly. Also personalize subject lines and add emojis to add a human touch. A pro tip would be to write catchy subject lines that go beyond clichéd puns. A/B test your email subject lines and see which ones work best for your business.
  • Next comes the copy of the email. It should be short and meaningful. Avoid sending long copies of emails as your subscribers are extremely busy during the holiday season. Bring some holiday cheer into the email. Also, address user challenges through it. For example: if you’re an email marketer, let the user know about free shipping, easy returns, and gift-wrapping features.

Take a look at this email from Factory Direct Flooring and see how they highlighted their USPs like Price Match Promise, Free Sample and Next Day Delivery.

  • Send content tailored to user preferences. Remember that people shop for loved ones over the holidays. So, consider their browsing history apart from past purchases before drafting the copy by e-mail.
  • Add social proof in emails to inspire trust in the mind of the reader. Also, highlight the best sellers and top rated products in the email to grab the user’s attention.
  • Keep content relevant to your industry and audience. Make it as customer-centric as possible.
  • Revise your automation strategy and include holiday-related content. For example: Add an exclusive welcome offer for subscribers who sign up around or during the holidays. Include additional discounts in the cart abandonment email to increase conversions.
  • Use an empathetic tone in your holiday emails. Make your emails about the customer rather than yourself or your business.

2. Design and development

When it comes to designing holiday emails, the first requirement is to make them visually appealing. Include rich media elements such as images, GIFs, and cinemagraphs in your emails to display your products. e-commerce and travel industry marketers can benefit immensely from the use of moving images or luxury prints that can feature different getaway products or offers.

Check out this email from Taco Bell that oozes holiday spirit and encourages readers to convert. Very catchy and engaging.

Use colors and symbols aligned with the holidays. Shades of red and blue are good choices. When creating these emails, keep accessibility principles in mind. Add appropriate alt text to accompany the visuals. This will help screen readers understand what the images are about.

Using your alt text description will also be helpful for people accessing emails with images disabled. Choose the color contrast according to the WCAG Guidelines. Make your emails dark mode compatible, as most subscribers prefer dark mode settings on their devices later in the evening when many potential customers have turned on their dark mode.

Engaging subscribers is a challenge during the holidays as their inbox is flooded with emails. So, incorporate interactivity to reduce inbox noise. Use things like countdowns, click-based events, hover effects, or flip and scrape effects to improve click-through rate. This will also help improve email deliverability and sender reputation.

If you still want to improve your holiday email designs, add some gamification and allow users to share them on social media. The benefit of this tactic is that it will take your brand visibility to the next level.

Email Uplers and Email Monks (now Email Uplers) have been successful with their gamification emails, as evidenced by their Halloween email. Looked:

Uplars invite to Halloween party
Halloween Party Invitation; Uplars; Email from Uplars

Another great thing to try in your holiday emails is AMP technology. If you have a large subscriber base using Gmail and your ESP web server supports it, you can send AMP (interactive) emails this holiday season. This will allow users to take action from email without needing to go to the landing page – you want that feature.

For example, e-commerce email marketers can use AMP emails in their cart recovery emails to bring back abandonments and increase holiday conversions. Travel and hospitality businesses can use the same tactic and allow users to check deals and book tickets via email.

See this AMP email from which allows users to view all offers and even manage their subscriptions.

Finally, monitor the overall size of your email. Visuals should be no larger than 1MB. Otherwise, it can lead to slow load times and low follower engagement. As you know, slow loading times on your page will be a site killer, and that includes slow loading emails.

3. Deliverability

Inbox placement is of the utmost importance during the holiday season. You don’t want to risk losing conversions due to poor deliverability. So how are you going to ensure that your emails make it to the user’s inbox despite the strict vigilance of ESPs and ISPs? So your ISP just gives you access to your internet connection so you can continue with your marketing campaign. But email service provider is a specific service for your email marketing needs.
Here are a few tips:

  • Before sending holiday email campaigns, start re-engaging less active and inactive subscribers.
    Inform users about your best products and updates. If users are still not engaging, remove them from the list. It’s a good idea to do this several weeks before launching major holiday email campaigns.
  • Personalize emails as much as possible; this increases the likelihood of placement in the inbox.
  • Avoid overly promotional language and a money-hungry tone, as this can discourage your subscribers and increase unsubscribes or spam complaints.
  • Check with your ESP if they have the functionality to segment the list of campaigns based on propensity to open. If so, use it throughout the year, especially during the holiday season.
  • During the holiday season, email sending volumes skyrocket. So, warm up and get your dedicated IPs ready to accommodate the extra volume without any deliverability issues.
  • Always follow a double opt-in method for creating mailing lists and segment them properly to maintain list hygiene.
  • Consider creating an exclusive subdomain for the holiday season. As sending volumes are quite high during this season, a new subdomain would help escape the scrutiny of ESPs and ISPs.
  • Many marketers dig into their old mailing lists and send emails to every email address they have. This proves detrimental to your email deliverability.
  • As Apple introduced Mail Privacy Protection, it became difficult to track the correct open rate. Therefore, automatically forwarding emails to non-openers is a strict no-no. After all, you don’t want your subscribers receiving redundant email communications.
  • If necessary, get help from an email deliverability expert or use an email delivery platform such as Mailtrap.
  • Monitor your email metrics, and if there are sudden drops in open rate or clicks, it’s time to revise your strategy. Determine if you are having deliverability issues.


Seizing the subscriber’s eyeballs during the holidays is not easy. You need to put extra effort into crafting flawless and unique emails that leave an impact on the mind of the reader. The tips shared above will surely help you up your game and make customers choose you over your competitors.

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Rohan Kar

Rohan Kar

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