Turkey Airline Ticket Industry Analysis by US SEO Company

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According to the results of market research conducted by Semrush, America’s most trusted online SEO agency, on Turkey’s online airline ticket sales industry, covering the period March-September, online airline ticket price comparison and booking site I am cheap.com It has become one of the best performing digital apps of 2021 in 2.

Sector contracted in 2021


Another finding from the same Semrush analysis is that there is a 12% drop in demand in the online flight ticket industry compared to previous years. One of the new airline ticket sales applications, which will go live in 2021, the online airline ticket sales site called Hepsifly, which is a subsidiary of Hepsiburada, and the airline ticket sales site ‘airline, cheap,’ were touted as two initiatives that may change the way in the ticketing industry.

Ticket analysis cheap

Industry leaders are not shown in the chart.

Surprise result

In view of its competitors in the sector, this success of the cheapucutim application can be considered a big surprise. However, in a meeting with Tuğba Helvacıkara, the cheapucutim application project manager of our technology department, Helvacıkara said that the result was not a surprise to them. Helvacika:

I'm cheap. com

“For a long time, we have progressed in a certain plan and program by analyzing what kind of work will be carried out in search engines, which are the most important media in sectoral and online commerce. While this success comes as no surprise to us at the point where we are today, we are still only at the very beginning of the road.” He said.

Stating that they don’t have any verifiable data due to the pandemic, Helvacıkara said they expect the pandemic conditions to improve as soon as everyone expects it.

2019 figures entered in 2023

Stating that this is an expected situation regarding sectoral contraction, Helvacıkara said that even if the pandemic is completely over, the psychological effects of it will continue for some time and the last normal figures of 2019 can be reached in 2023.

Adding that it is very important that the United States of America reopens its doors to tourist travel on November 8, Helvacıkara concluded his remarks by saying that it is, in a sense, the appearance of light at the end of the tunnel.

We congratulate them on their fruitful work and wish them much success in this difficult area. If you want to search for tickets through the company’s website or mobile application https://ucuzucuyorum.com/ucak-bileti You can create a reservation using the link.

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