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Bulk SMS messaging is an extremely effective mobile marketing channel. Your notifications will be sent quickly and directly to the customer’s phone, even without an Internet connection. According to research, most text messages are read within 5 minutes of delivery, so you can expect immediate results. The links contained in the message make it possible to redirect traffic to the brand’s site and to monitor the effectiveness of actions.

With the help of SMS marketing, it is easy to increase brand awareness. SMS with the name of the company is a basic and free functionality of mobile communication. It consists in replacing the telephone number from which the message is sent by a specific name (from 3 to 11 characters). Using SMS for business with a sender field improves brand recognition and therefore increases the reliability of transmitted content. For security reasons, all sender fields are checked before acceptance.

Massive SMS campaigns are one of the best ways to redirect traffic to the site or the necessary resources – the URL in the message content helps redirect traffic to the brand’s site. To facilitate the use of links, we have created the Short.tools service, which allows you to shorten the email address. The service integrates with the client’s dashboard, which allows you to monitor the traffic received using a mass SMS campaign and modify the links created.

Abandoned cart recovery – Uses automatic reminders of unpurchased products and top wishlist items to effectively close the sale. The discount code and store link will allow you to complete your purchases from your mobile device.

Loyalty programs – use a direct communication channel via bulk sms service to attract the most loyal customers. Use text messages to introduce them to unique values ​​and offers.

Critical messages – Ensure that the most important notifications reach your customers via SMS. With super fast delivery, you can be sure that the customer will receive and read the message within minutes, and respond to it in a timely manner.

Advantages of working with our service

By registering with Bulk SMS Web Cabinet from Sempico Solutions, you have access to a wide range of tools to communicate with your customers via SMS. The functionality built into the SMS system is helpful at every stage of the sales funnel and improves its efficiency. Thanks to the many features of the web office, you can plan mass SMS campaigns and create SMS templates, which will be convenient to use in mass mailings. Moreover, it will be convenient for you to make a segmented mailing for different groups of your consumers.

Additionally, with our service and the resources available, you will be able to learn how to collect contact databases in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, ensure brand trust, conduct effective marketing, monitor the effectiveness of campaigns and to interact with consumers. You will learn all about SMS marketing with us.

Mass SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS is one of the most important marketing channels for your order for a number of reasons:

The ubiquity of smartphones: the massive overpowering of SMS service is a miraculous way to save people without interruption. By adding strength to the text, you can increase the visibility of your online store.

Complement your strategy with email marketing: If you want email marketing and mass SMS to be empowered to implement your strategy, it is better to work together. You can earn SMS to send more information about terms, just like emails can earn more.

High message hints: SMS message hints, lower email lists. 90% of SMS are read for 3 minutes after typing. It is preferable to use SMS for the delivery of terminological information with a high level of success.

It is ideal for developing markets: as your company tries to work in countries, some of them are expensive, and Wi-Fi is not the extension, SMS is a very short channel to transmit information.

SMS marketing notifications are replaced by “short numbers” for checking the latest phone numbers.

There are two types of reminders you can use to help with SMS marketing:

Advertising SMS: these are “one to all” mass SMS. It is used for the transfer of promotions (coupons, current sales) or general information (details, updates, current weather information).

Transactional: Transactional texting – these are one-to-one texting as they initiate the singing of the behavior. Whose butt can be confirmation or delivery information for e-commerce purchases. These messages convey relevant and timely information to people.

Advantages of working with our service

Text notes to the Sempico Solutions Help Desk can be a wonderful addition to your digital marketing strategy, regardless of your type of business. Their function is to transfer even terminological information efficiently. With our service, companies of various developments and directions can determine the advantages of SMS marketing:

E-commerce businesses: Boosting advertising campaigns and confirmation/SMS delivery is a miraculous tool for e-commerce.

Travel businesses: SMS marketing is important for travel agencies, but customers need real-time information. This includes updating flight time, changing boarding gate, weather and more. With the help of bulk texting, you can help your customers themselves, the ones they need to know.

Service companies, as if they are waiting impatiently for the record: take care of these, so that your customers never miss the messages, by mastering them with SMS prompts. This is to save you a few hours and pennies spent on absenteeism and late meetings.

Large organizations with more than 100 workers: internal communication is important, but it is important for a large company to communicate with the rest of the workers.

Choosing mass SMS for internal communications is the best way to guarantee that the interlocutor will receive the information at the right time.

Mass SMS marketing?

The mobile revolution has opened the door for businesses to promote direct and interactive communication with every customer from their mobile phone, and has massively mastered Bulk SMS in one of the best ways to grow.

Our findings show that 9 out of 10 supporters, as a rule, have a positive attitude towards companies that contact them directly on a mobile phone for additional interactive text messages at the right time.

Additionally, SMS marketing campaigns are estimated to perform 7 times better than email marketing campaigns, showing just how critical SMS can be in driving sales in retail businesses, showing the potential of this channel to optimize communication strategies.

Bulk SMS Campaign – A strategy that uses a bulk mobile communication solution to send text messages to customers who have already provided their number and consent.

With an open rate of 98%, mass SMS are ideal for establishing direct and interactive communication with each customer from a mobile phone, improving customer relations and increasing conversions, which can range from purchase or registration for the provision of some examples.

The benefits of these campaigns are also demonstrated by the results. For example, 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent.

Thus, retail SMS offers great opportunities for retail sales.

Advantages of working with our service

By working with Sempico Solutions’ SMS service, you will benefit from many advantages:

1. High open rate

SMS marketing is one of the most valuable tools for businesses due to its high open rate. According to a CNN article, 90% of texts sent by brands are opened within 15 minutes. For its part, Gartner cites various sources that report an open rate of 98%.

Sempico Solutions has direct contact with operators around the world, which guarantees the fastest and most reliable way to deliver your SMS.

2. It’s one of consumers’ favorite channels

A comparison of SMS messages revealed that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer communicating with businesses via SMS, whether for notifications, reminders or two-way communication.

In addition, 89% of consumers would prefer to communicate with businesses by SMS rather than by phone.

Bulk SMS are discreet and consumers love them for that reason. They can view them whenever they want, ignore them, delete them or reply to them. It’s the perfect way for your business to communicate with consumers.

3. Cost effective

The investment in sending a large number of SMS is small compared to the number of customers who will be contacted.

Prices for SMS marketing campaigns may vary by country, but in any case, they are quite cheap. Sempico Solutions offers its customers a wide choice of prices and destinations for sending any content, so you can be sure that we will always find a mass SMS solution for you. SMS for business is an efficient and less crowded channel where the user can receive your message without an internet connection. Messaging facilitates communication with personalized and engaging interactions.

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