What works in email marketing? The power to align strategies, data and content

It’s no mystery why marketers are drawn to the proven and profitable strategy of email marketing: the average return on investment for email campaigns is 4,002%, or $42 for every dollar spent. With over 306 billion emails sent and received every day, practitioners need to ensure their email marketing tactics are highly targeted to capitalize on the lucrative strategy.

With billions of emails circulating the web daily, marketers can’t just maintain the status quo and expect the same results from their email campaigns. Today’s buyers are more discerning because they seek hyper-relevant, personalized interactions that directly address their pain points or pain points.

When coupled with the influx of software and solutions that automate the more mundane aspects of this demand generation staple, modern email marketers are now focused on leveraging data from intent and leveraging new metrics to nurture leads.

This special report sheds light on the changing landscape of email marketing, with a focus on:

  • The most effective strategies for email marketing campaigns, such as subscriber segmentation and personalization;
  • How organizations can refine and improve their databases while embracing the ever-changing privacy landscape;
  • The tools and technologies that power email campaigns to facilitate targeting and relevance; and
  • The content strategies that successful B2B companies leverage to create exceptional campaigns that drive greater brand engagement.

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